On June 12, 1996, the EPA published in the Federal Register a final rule establishing a tolerance
for residues of the pesticide bifenthrin in or on the raw agricultural commodity strawberries. This rule established an effective date of June 12, 1996. The corrected date is now February 9, 1998.

 A = adjuvant  H = herbicide
 D = dessicant  I = insecticide
 D/H = dessicant, herbicide  IN = inert
 F = fungicide  N = nematicide
 FA = feed additive  P = pheromone
 FM = fumigant  V = viricide
 G = growth regulator  VR = vertebrate repellent

Type* Chemical Petitioner Tolerance
(I/F) Kaolin Engelhard exempt In or on food commodities to aid in the control of insects, fungi and bacteria (food/feed use).
(H) Bensulfuron methyl EI duPont de Nemours 0.05 Crayfish
      0.02 Rice
      0.3 Rice straw
(F) Thiabendazole EPA 0.1(a) Lentils
(I) Lambda-cyhalothrin Zeneca 5 Alfalfa, forage
      6 Alfalfa, hay
      2 Aspirated grain fractions
      0.4 Brassica, head and stem subgroup
      2 Lettuce, leaf
      0.03 Poultry fat
(A) Benoxacor Novartis 0.01 When used as an inert ingredient (safener in pesticides containing metolchlor in or on raw agricultural commodities for which tolerances have been established for metolachlor).
(a) = time-limited tolerance expires 10/31/98

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