Container Collection Program

Washington Pest Consultants Association

Container Requirements

1. Must be rinsed, so that no residue remains.
2. Must be clean and dry, inside and out, with no apparent odor.
3. Hard plastic lids and slip-on lids must be removed.
4. Glue-on labels may remain.
5. The majority of the foil seal must be removed from the spout. A small amount of foil remaining on the container rim is acceptable.
6. Half pint, pint, quart, one and two-and-a-half gallon containers will be accepted whole.
7. Five gallon containers will be accepted whole, if lids and bails are removed.
8. 30 gallon and 55 gallon containers are accepted if they are cut into pieces no larger than 15x18 inches.

**Containers that do not meet the above criteria cannot be accepted.**

Container Collection Dates

Please put these dates on your calendar! Tell others about the program. Our industry does not want pesticide containers to become a waste issue. If we take the time to clean and recycle these products, we can save money, show that the industry is responsible in its use of pesticides, and reduce inputs to the waste stream. For more information about plastic pesticide containers contact: Clarke Brown (509) 965-6809 or Steve George (509) 457-3850.

If you are interested in hosting an event at your farm, business, or in a central location in your area, contact Clarke Brown at (509) 965-6809 or Steve George at (509) 457-3850.

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