EPA issues respirator compliance policy statement

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has developed changes to the regulations at 42 CFR Part 84 that set forth certification standards for non-powered air-purifying particulate respirators. EPA has determined that all 42 CFR part 84 respirators meet or exceed all 30 CFR part 11 respirator (hereinafter part 11 and part 84 respirators) requirements, and that respirators certified under part 84 will be considered the equivalent of a respirator certified under part 11. EPA will allow pesticide handlers to use either part 11 or part 84 respirators to satisfy non-powered, air-purifying respirator requirements for pesticide applications. The agency will publish an amendment to 40 CFR 156.212 to reflect the NIOSH changes in particulate respirator designations and a Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice to direct registrants on how to modify product labels.

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